Our founder, Helen Speiser, was recently featured on Columbus Business First’s “Women of Influence” podcast to share her unique journey to entrepreneurship and the ethos behind what she’s built here at Third Street.

The Journey to Third Street Digital

In her chat with Columbus Business First, Helen opens up about the unique beginnings of Third Street Digital. What started as an in-house digital agency for a local media company turned into something quite different after the media company was sold. That pivotal moment led to the idea of Third Street Digital, fueled by Helen’s grit and vision for a way to do things differently than the ad agency status quo.

Our Unique Company Culture

In the interview, Helen elaborates on the type of company she aimed to create when launching Third Street Digital as a “people-first” digital agency. She discusses her commitment to work-life balance and flexibility in the way Third Street operates, sharing components like our 4.5 day work weeks and flexible schedules that enable our team to have the flexibility and freedom to do things like picking up their kids from daycare or having a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day; this approach not only makes for a happy team, but also helps us deliver top-notch work.

Looking Ahead

Helen’s vision for the future of Third Street Digital is all about sustainable growth and keeping things personal with our clients. Rather than growing super fast, she remains focused on our team providing high-quality work and making advanced digital strategies accessible to small and medium businesses.

“We want to grow people. We do want to grow our revenue, but it’s making sure that we can stay nimble and small enough to really have that personal impact,” she explains.

Listen Now

You can listen to Helen’s candid conversation filled with inspiration and insights below or learn more about her vision for Third Street Digital in the full article on Columbus Business First here.