A strong, consistent, and brand-safe social media strategy is paramount for businesses aiming to thrive, impress, and resonate with their audiences. A well-crafted social media strategy ensures that the brand’s messaging remains cohesive across all platforms, which includes knowing the social platforms that are appropriate for the business, and popular with consumers.

In 2023, we saw Threads and other new social channels emerge. Older platforms, like Lemon8 and Made With Friends, reached their peaks in 2023, trending downward in usage in 2024. While new social outlets can be intriguing for brands to bandwagon onto as they launch, they might not be the best fit… Or worth the initial investment in the long run.

Our agency manages organic social media content for many of our clients and our custom approach to each business’ needs allows us to recommend the best social media channels for their business and their industry. Once we’ve solidified our approach to where we will post our content, the real fun starts; Creating compelling and engaging post.

Whether it’s a new trend, a creative concept, or promoting a blog, our team of social strategists always know the best place to place a post. So much so, one of our clients who we manage social media for was honored with a competitive award…two consecutive years in a row!

KEMBA Financial Credit Union was awarded their second consecutive Diamond Award from America’s Credit Unions, formerly CUNA (Credit Union National Association), for creative excellence and outstanding results across social media platforms.

The credit union saw +515% year-over-year growth in their TikTok audience, +336% year-over-year growth in their Instagram impressions, +115% year-over-year growth in their Facebook link clicks from their posts, and +14% year-over-year growth from their LinkedIn engagements. Some of KEMBA’s TikTok videos, an account that started as a test in early 2023, had over 900,000 views and even attributed member and loan applications!

More than just creative posts and a social presence, our over-arching social media strategy actually drove measurable business results: KEMBA’s website traffic from organic social channels grew +72% year-over-year!

When done creatively and correctly, social media strategy can serve businesses well, resulting in digital word-of-mouth, increased engagement with a familiar social following, and creating new business opportunities.