Meet the Good People of Third Street

We’re a woman-owned digital force, building success with a human touch. Our company was built on the idea of investing in good people and great culture because a thriving team is the best ROI there is.


Shifting Into Third

While Third Street Digital was launched in November 2021 and opened its doors in January 2022, the roots of our team’s experience and digital knowledge runs deep. Many members of our team worked together for years at Pixelent Digital, an in-house agency at a local TV station, before our founder Helen lifted the team out of its rigid corporate structure to create this modern, independently owned agency.


What’s in a name?

The number 3 – considered the perfect number in numerology – represents things coming full-circle; for Helen, full-circle was the bold leap of creating an agency that operated differently with its people-first philosophy. “Street” is a reflection of the new path Helen was paving for her inspiring team of women, which resulted in the final name, Third Street Digital. And while we may not be located on Third Street, you can find our office in the heart of downtown Columbus.