Throughout the month of March, Columbus Inno featured several businesses in Central Ohio deemed worthy of being named “Central Ohio’s Coolest Office” – and our Third Street Digital office was in the mix! When it came time to vote for a winner, the readers spoke loud and clear; Third Street Digital’s office space took home the honor with 46% of the votes!

Wait! There’s more to the story.

While it’s always exciting to get a recognition for something we’re proud of, I soon learned that this award carried even more meaning and pride for our owner, Helen, than you might expect. Here’s why…

From utilizing Canva to design the mock-ups of what the wall designs would look like to sourcing all of their materials (paint, trim, planters, furniture, fixtures, etc.) – Helen and J.C. tackled it all on their own as the company got off the ground. Like a lot of small business owners, they spent many late nights – including several “floor dinners”– tackling an incredible amount of DIY testing and learning, including ‘flipping’ furniture that was donated (like our giant conference room table) to assembling every desk and chair in our space….all by-hand and all on their own time. Take a peek at this video recap to see the incredible transformation:

Helen designed our space to foster collaboration with its bright, open floor plan encourages communication and idea-sharing. From the barista espresso machine that fuels brainstorming sessions to the cozy nooks that invite moments of reflection, every aspect of the space is designed with our employee experience in mind. And frankly, our work is better for it.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspects of the Third Street Digital office is that our team comes to the office because they want to, not because they have to. Because Third Street recognizes that productivity thrives in different environments, we’re empowered to choose how and where we work best. Whether it’s in the office, at home, or on the go, we all have the freedom to design our workday in a way that suits us—a philosophy that fosters trust, autonomy, and ultimately, greater productivity.

By prioritizing our people, fostering a culture of collaboration, and creating a physical space that reflects our company values, Helen [and J.C.] not only created Central Ohio’s coolest office — but a testament to what happens when determination, innovation and culture collide.